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About Us

Ambuja Tube Fitting is established with a dedicated Team of Instrument Engineers who have always found that instruments being found incorrect due to leakage problems in its fitments.

Our 30 years of experience in instrument field has given us vast knowledge in how precision instrument tube fittings are to be manufactured. With Latest machining technology for our instrument parts we are now diversifying in the instrument tube fittings field. With vast knowledge from our instrument engineers and our very knowledgeable procurement engineers and with support from our Q.C team we at Ambuja tube fittinsg stands tall and intend to wipe out all the flaws in how tube fittings are used and their importance in every stage. Precision has now a new name in Ambuja Tube Fitting manufacturer.

Ambuja Tube Fitting manufacturer is formed with a sere intension to provide tube fittings industry with quality world class products with innovative cost effective export oriented Instruments, tube fittings, flanges, valves. sheets, rods, Plates, which the world can take note off.

We intend to manufacture export quality tube fittings in different sizes using quality virgin materials like brass, stainless steel, monel, C.S etc as per standards or as per clients drawing or specifications. We our open to alliances and outsourcing form all across the globe to facilitate growth and to be upbeat with business trends and technological advancements at every stage in our journey to be the best instrument tube fittings manufacturer from India.

Why Ambuja Fittings Only?

  • All our fittings has punched MOC.
  • Threaded connection is properly caped for safety against damage in transit.
  • Look for part No of every lot numbered for our refrence and is traceable by us.
  • Each lot of fittings has Halmark logo on it.
  • All SS fittings has sparkling bright finish.
  • Fittings are threaded as per standard specified.