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Float Valve

We at Ambuja Tube Fitting Mfg Co. have constantly evolved and have come up with simple and long lasting solution for overflowing tanks, thus avoiding spillage of costly liquid in tanks. This valve has ball float that floats on the level of water or liquids and it closes the water or liquid entering in tanks as the desired high flow is attained thus avoids over flow of liquids in tanks. This valves manufactured in standard materials like 304 S.S, 316 S.S so this valves can easily be used for chemicals and acids which are corrosive in nature. Our manufactured Float valves are bench mark in the process industry with superior quality and long run have helped various tanks operators proper sleep who otherwise would have sleepless nights if the liquids in the tanks would have Spilled. This Floats are standard available in stock with BSP i.e British standard screwed male threads. We can also supply the same valve with flanges ends on request.

Sr No. Line Size Ball Float Size Connections on Ball
1. ½” BSP (M) 4” dia ¼” BSW (F)
2. ¾” BSP (M) 4” dia ¼” BSW(F)
3. 1” BSP (M) 4” dia 5 /16 BSW (F)
4. 11/2”BSP (M) 6” dia 3/8” BSW (F)
5. 2” BSP (M) 8” dia ½” BSW(F)
6. 2 ½” BSP (M) 10” dia ½” BSW (F)
7. 3” BSP (M) 10” dia ½” BSW(F)
8. 4” BSP (M) 12” dia ½” BSW(F)