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Industries We Serve

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants are built by government to find alternative source of energy formation. Nuclear power plants uses the method of Nuclear fission to generate electricity. Nuclear plants uses uses water to create steam which is the used to generate electricity. In its means to generate electricity there are large amounts of instruments required in an Nuclear power plants thus the need arises of instrument tube fittings and nuclear power plants makes uses of highest quality Stainless steel to avoid corrosion due to high temperature and generation of steam in the plants. We at Ambuja Tube Fitting have formed to serve our country with quality Instruments & tube fittings there by endeavoring our country in its growth and prosperity.

As per national survey In 2009 about 15% of all total worlds electricity comes from Nuclear power plants and its percentage in total energy generation is increasing day by day.

Ship Building Industry

Ship building Industry holds strategic importance for various countries. The importance increases more as navy needs to protect the boundaries from the sea invaders for that it need to manufacture and repair its vessels that supports the primary industry in various countries. The sheer no of fittings and instruments required in a ship outnumbers the requirement from any other industry. We are suppliers to various ship building firms and even government agencies who use instruments, Instrument tube fittings flanges, valves etc and allied needs. We are one stop procurement company for all the instruments and fittings needs of Ship building industry needs. Further shipyards get orders only if they are credible (deliver quality ships on time) and it can be credible only after successfully executing consistently under international competition. Thus we at Ambuja Tube Fitting are an important link in supplying quality at lightning speed.

Railway Industry

In India Rail transport is the most commonly used mode of transport of long distance transport in India. Rail operations throughout the country are run by the state-owned company, Indian Railways. The rail network traverses through the length and breadth of the country. India railways is the second most biggest network besides china. India railways provide large opportunities for Instrument tube fitting industry besides the Bullk requirement of fittings and tubings in construction of rails it also uses various industrial instruments. We at Ambuja Tube Fitting would serve the rail industry which is the single most means of Long distance travelling in India.

Railways were first introduced to India in 1853, and by 1947, the year of India's independence, it had grown to forty-two rail systems. In 1951 the systems were nationalised as one unit, to become one of the largest networks in the world.

Cement Industry

India is the second largest cement producer in the world after china with a total capacity of 151.2 million tonnes (MT), With the government of India giving boost to various infrastructure projects, housing facilities and road networks, the cement industry in India is currently growing at an With the government of India giving boost to various infrastructure projects, housing facilities and road networks, the cement industry in India is currently growing at an exceptional pace. It is also predicted that the cement production in India would rise to 236.16 MT in FY11. It's also expected to rise to 262.61 MT in FY12. Thus Indain cement Industry is a large sector for Instrument tube fittings industry and the opportunities with the growth of cement industries surpases the growth in any industrial sector in India. We at Ambuja Tube Fitting Mfg co are invlolved in manufacturing quality tube fittings, pipes, flanges, tubing’s and instruments catering to all needs of cement palnts. Thus growth of infrastructure also marks growth of cement industry with it the growth of tube fittings industry.

Oil Companies

Oil companies being the largest employers in the world, Oil companies caters to production of global energy needs. the main work involves the extraction of crude oil from reserves, followed by its refinement in processing plants. The daily distribution quota is delivered to various sectors (e.g. automobiles, agriculture, residential). This is followed by the commercialization of oil products. An Oil rigs provides important requirement Hub for instrument tube and fittings industry . We at Ambuja Tube Fitting are involved with various instrument manufacturers for providing quality instruments tube fittings, flanges, valves, sheets, rods to the most important politically source of energy in the world. Thus we manufacture we source various fittings for ONGC companies etc.

Paper Industry

The demand for paper products, like, tissue paper, tea bags, filter paper, light weight online coated paper, medical grade coated paper, etc., is growing up. These developments are expected to give impetus to the industry. With collaboration from foreign companies paper industry receives 100% automatic approval from Reserve Bank. There are, at present, about 515 units engaged in the manufacture of paper and paperboards and newsprint in India. The country is almost self-sufficient in manufacture of most varieties of paper and paperboards. Import, however, is confined only to certain specialty papers. To meet part of its raw material needs the industry has to rely on imported wood pulp and waste paper. Thus paper industry provides important area of growth as the literacy levels increases in India the use of paper and its by-products are increasing by leaps and bounce. Thus paper sector if targeted can provide major growth sector for tube fittings industry as rich finances from foreign collaboration is flowing and is up for grabs if quality tube fittings provided with durable materials are used.

Chemicals Industry

India initially being was a net importer fo chemicals in early 1990s but soon the scenario has changed to become net exporter due to foreign collaborations and governments firm Import policy have given great impetus to bulk drugs and pharma, pesticides, dyes and other intermediary. The drugs and pharmaceuticals and the organic / inorganic / agro-chemicals contributed as much as 63% of total exports. This has been a herculean task, which has been achieved by competing with big multinational corporations of the world. Turnover for the year ended 1998-99 is close to Rs. 15,000 crores. With the growth of chemicals industry it is boon for the Instrument tube fittings industry as all chemicals plants require instrument tube fittings in bulk we are now suppliers to various chemical plants for tubings, fittings, valves, flanges, Rods, Sheets & Quality Instrument. We at Ambuja tube fitting pledge to serve our ever growing chemical industry with quality that matches world standards and at affordable prices for our Manufacturing range of items.

Food Processing / Beverages Industry

With rise in population there increases the demand for food and thus direct growth of food processing industry. We at Ambuja tube fitting are involved in manufacturing quality fittings and valves for food and beverages industries and are renowed for our quality in manufacturing food grade fittings and valves using superior quality non-corrosive materials in stainless steel. We have developed a quality policy and strict quality norms our Q.C engineers backed by our vast Knowledge has made us the most sort after instrument tube fitting Mfg co. The sheer range we have we can compete even with the best. Beverages industry in India is growing with the increase in temperatures and India moving towards westernization the Beverages increasing and booming for eg the soft drink industry, Beer and Wine industries. We have in our artillery large range of fittings tubing’s, flanges, instruments to suit and to satisfy food & Beverage industry.