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Floats For Top Mounted Level Switches


We have developed capsule type magnetic floats in various dia size with pipe welded in centre along the length which is used in top mounted level indicators and Level switches the pipe is welded to provide guide to the switch so that proper latching arrangement can be made by the instrument manufacturers on movement of the floats from set point i.e for change in contact. This capsule floats are the main reason for the working of level switches. Our designed floats for level switches are manufactured from standard materials like 304 S.S & 316 S.S.

Sr No. Dia of capsule Length of float Pipe I.D
1. 38 mm 40 mm 9 mm / 11 mm
2. 48 mm 75 mm 15mm / 17 mm
3. 48 mm 50 mm 11mm / 15mm
4. 52 mm 52 mm 15mm / 17mm
5. 60 mm 100 mm 15mm / 17 mm